Impulse Winding Tester

  • Lowest Inductance (≥0.1μH)
  • High voltage calibration
  • programmable impulse voltage
  • 200MHz/9bit  High Impulse Test Sampling Rate
  • Total Area Comparison
  • Differential Area Comparison
  • Corona  Comparison
  • LAPLACIAN Comparison
  • Voltage Compensation Function


MICROTEST 7750 is an advanced Impulse Winding Tester with a faster color display screen. It provides pulse voltage outputs of 1200V/5200V/10000V and utilizes high-speed sampling technology at 200MHz/9 bits. It offers various comparison modes such as total area, area difference, corona count, jitter count, second-order differentiation, and waveform comparison. With a testing speed of up to 10 times per second, it is ideal for high-speed production lines.


For testing small components, the optional 7750-1 tester comes with the FX-IM0001 four-wire SMD component testing fixture. It features voltage compensation to minimize voltage errors caused by wiring and equivalent inductance, ensuring accurate quality control for products with small inductance.



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